The PC3 introduced the world to a new generation of ground-breaking
Kurzweil technology, having a synthesis architecture that remains
unparalleled in depth and flexibility, combined with a staggering amount of
effects processing power. The PC3 sound set, which encompasses
everything from the traditional to the cutting edge, has been widely
acknowledged as second to none.

And now the PC3's successor has arrived. The Kurzweil PC3K is the pinnacle
of our PC3 line, bridging the gap between Kurzweil's past successes and
present innovations.

An Old Friend
The PC3K, already loaded up with the many impressive features and sounds
of the PC3, allows users to tap into the massive wealth of samples and
programs developed for our legendary K Series over the past two decades.
Capable of loading .KRZ/25/26 sample files, WAVE and AIFF files, as well as
most of the K Series programs and setups, the PC3K presents a whole new
world of choices to players, and once again underscores our commitment to
the concept of non-obsolescence by design. You can choose to delve into
the extensive libraries of existing K Series samples or decide to fill the
PC3K's flash memory with your own signature samples. In either case, you'll
have the most powerful version of Kurzweil's V.A.S.T technology ever
developed at your fingertips to help sculpt your sounds and attain a level of
detail and expressiveness truly worthy of your music. Sample files can be
loaded via USB from a thumb-drive or directly from a computer.

Esto Immortalis
~ "Let it be lasting, immortal" (Latin)

User samples that do not "go away" when a keyboard is powered off - this is
a feature that's been requested by keyboardists since the introduction of
digital sampling in the early '80s. Clearly demonstrating the virtue of enduring
quality, the PC3K offers 128 megabytes of user sample memory and
compatibility with K Series files, while also taking an enormous leap forward
by allowing user samples to remain intact while power is off. Once samples
are loaded into the PC3K's flash memory, there is zero load time for those
samples when powering on the instrument.

Advanced program, keymap and sample editing features allow you to
customize your sounds with surgical precision. You're able to map any
sample to any key, tune individual samples, change the start, alt start, loop
point and end point of samples and even assign a controller to adjust sample
start point in real-time.

Light Years Ahead
Under the hood of the PC3K is simply the most powerful synthesis engine
ever created by Kurzweil. Dynamic V.A.S.T. picks up where the K series left
off. Having up to 32 layers per program means that emulations of real
instruments can be extremely detailed and accurate, while the synthesized
sounds can be extraordinarily large and complex.

Expanding upon our V.A.S.T. architecture, the PC3K's new architecture
delivers more power and flexibility combined with unprecedented ease of use.
Users can now create and store their own DSP algorithms, with nearly
limitless possibilities for routing.

In another huge development, we've resurrected the VA-1 Virtual Analog
Synthesizer, having built its synthesis engine right into the new system. Hear
the VA-1's power-shaped, anti-aliasing oscillators (including supersaw,
triplesaw, and hard sync oscillators) combined with a newer, larger set of
V.A.S.T. filters (like the classic-style 4pole low pass w/ resonance) and
non-linear processors and you'll understand why the internet is buzzing
about this feature.

It's The Sound
The PC3 Series' advanced synthesis architecture, along with its
painstakingly-edited sample ROM, allowed us to create a sound set that is
both broad and deep, with no compromises on sound quality. Referred to by
some in the music industry as "the solid gold Swiss army knife", the PC3 line
has become well known for having covered all the bases when it comes to
presets. Whether it's the famous Kurzweil grand piano, the wide array of
deadly-accurate vintage keys emulations, KB3 Mode, VA virtual analog
sounds or the hundreds of world-class orchestral and string section
programs, the PC3K provides over 900 presets that let you know that it does
everything and does it well.

Plug And Play
Saving, loading and updating the OS are all made easy on the PC3K with the
inclusion of both USB Host and Device ports. You can save your user
programs, setups and songs to a USB thumb-drive or directly to a computer.
Samples and OS updates can be loaded from a thumb-drive or directly from
your computer, and of course the PC3K sends and receives MIDI over USB. .

Finishing Touch
In a nod to the design of classic synths and keyboard instruments from years
past, the PC3K, the top of our PC3 line, has been fitted with handsomely
crafted wooden end-caps, adding an element of luxury and refinement that
beautifully complements the awesome technology at the heart of every
Kurzweil keyboard.
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