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Full Appraisal (Requires physical inspection of piano)                   $125.00
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* NOTE:  Without thorough examination by a qualified technician to determine the integrity and
"playability" of your instrument, an EXACT value cannot be established.  What we will supply to
you is our best "guesstimate" of what range your piano is likely to sell for based on the
information supplied and reference to past pianos we have had experience selling.  Our
valuation holds no guarantee that you can't sell your instrument for more, nor will it sell for less,
as markets change and, in the piano market, value is oftentimes in the eye (and "ear") of the
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NW Piano Gallery
2733 Shirley Street
Eugene, OR  97404
At NW Piano Gallery, we understand that everyone is not in need of a full appraisal.  As such, we offer different levels of
information and let you determine what suits your needs best.

AGE OF PIANO:  The age of your piano is based on the date of manufacture, not when it was first sold by a retailer.  This is
the most generic of information we provide.

PIANO HISTORY: Knowing "who" really manufactured your piano is important for resale.  In the reference books we consult
while doing our research, there are literally thousands of piano brand names that have existed over the years.  Because many
of these are names are not recognizable as "manufacturers," it is important to find out which manufacturer actually built the
piano.  In many cases we find that the "brand name" has been bought and sold many times over the years and research is
required to determine who built your piano based on the manufacturing date.  

FAIR MARKET VALUE (FMV):  If you are looking to sell your piano, this value is determined by researching sales of your
particular brand/model over the last year through Internet research and contacting other dealers, resellers, estate firms, etc.  It
is a time consuming job, but allows you to enter the resale market with a
real number to work with rather than just matching the
asking price of a similar model online. We determine what similar piano models actually
sell for, not just are offered at.

FULL APPRAISAL:  If you are looking to possibly (or eventually) sell your piano, you need to establish the FMV, but if you
need an appraisal for insurance and/or are considering shipping your piano, this requires a physical inspection of your
instrument to determine replacement value. We schedule an appointment to come to your home, inspect the piano from a
cosmetic, structural, functional and playability standpoint, photograph the piano and then do national comparative research to
determine an accurate replacement value.  We also provide you with a wholesale value if you choose.  Once completed, the
appraisal is sent to you via email in .pdf format including all attachments and photos.

Note: The fee listed below is based on a piano located within 25 miles of Eugene, OR.  If you are located outside of this area,
please contact us directly for a fee quote based on additional travel time and mileage charges.
2733 Shirley St., Eugene, OR                Phone: (541) 343-0107           Email:  info@nwpianogallery.com