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The Process

NW Piano Gallery will come to our home or business and remove all
the keys from your piano that you want to replace.

     Your piano will look somewhat like this photo (white keys removed
only) while the replacement process is being completed. Your piano
however will look perfectly normal once the key cover is closed as any
disassembly required to remove the keys will be reassembled prior to
leaving your home or business.

Depending on how difficult the old tops are to remove, a utility knife is
used and, if needed, a heat gun or iron to loosen the most stubborn
material. This is a delicate process and needs to be done so as to
minimize damage to the keystick and/or ivory.

Removing the fronts is done using a heavy cast iron vintage table
saw for accuracy. Only the precise amount of key front is cut away to
insure that the new front is in exactly the same location as the
original. Whatever spacing existed between the keys and the keyslip
will be duplicated.

Because the new key material is .084" thick, applying this directly to
the top of the key results in a higher overall dimension than the
original. So it is necessary to carefully mill the top of the key surface
so that when the new acrylic plastic material is applied that the
original key height is maintained. A precision fly cutter is used.

An appointment is set up to come and replace the keys.

Upon arrival, the interior of your piano is first thoroughly vacuumed.
The refurbished keys are then set on your piano and replacement
starts one at a time.

Within about an hour or so (depending on whether you have done
both black and white keys), your piano will have a shiny new set of

Our work is done!

Have fun playing your
almost new piano!
Services & Prices

Furnish and install one set
of piano keytops (white
(.084" with fronts)

Furnish and replace sharps
with black acrylic


Furnish and install one set
of piano keytops
replace sharps with black
acrylic plastic.


Refinish sharps