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 Shipping within the Pacific Northwest

We can arrange for your new instrument to be delivered to your door.  Cost for delivery, Insurance and set up is determined not only by the
model and size of the piano, but also by distance, access at the delivery point, i.e. ground level, stairs, landings, number of steps, sharp
turns, access to the street and driveway, etc.  Once we know you're location and all other particulars, we will quote you the lowest price
To save you money, we do not quote a minimum hourly rate.

  Shipping within the U.S. & Overseas

For quotes on crating, shipping, delivery, insurance and set up cost within the U.S. or overseas, please consider us. We can arrange
shipping by truck, by sea, and by air to all of North America and to most foreign countries.  We have shipped pianos to locations as far away
as Monaco, Germany, Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic.

Shipping, Delivery, Insurance and Set up cost are determined not only by distance but also by access at the delivery point,
i.e. ground level, stairs, landings, number of steps, sharp turns, access to the street and driveway, etc.

Shipping TO Oregon from Out of State?

Because we are based in Oregon, if you purchased a piano online or want to get a piano to Oregon from out of state, remember there is no
sales tax on shipping fees in Oregon. These savings usually cover a good portion of the shipping, set up, and insurance charges that you
would ordinarily pay using an out-of-state shipping company.  Contact us for more details.

        Please call (541) 343-0107 for a quote and scheduling.
  • Don prepping the hoist!
  • Michael's Levitation Act!
  • Ramping helps!
  • Without boards . . . that sinking feeling!
  • Crating for European shipment
  • Loading a national move
  • Up the Down staircase!
  • More Steps ??!!!
  • Yep . . . even in the snow!
  • For the smaller moves!
  • The Tough Ones!
  • Don't try this yourself!
Don prepping the hoist!1 Michael's Levitation Act!2 Ramping helps!3 Without boards . . . that sinking feeling!4 Crating for European shipment5 Loading a national move6 Up the Down staircase!7 More Steps ??!!!8 Yep . . . even in the snow!9 For the smaller moves!10 The Tough Ones!11 Don't try this yourself!12
We are not your typical moving service.  Our owner has over 30
years experience moving all forms of keyboard instruments including
traditional upright pianos, baby thru concert grands, console organs,
harpsichords, etc., and not only participates in the moves we do, but
also has real caring for the items we move.  We are, of course, fully
insured against accidents and damage; however, as a
pianist/organist himself, he knows what instruments don't like while
being moved, and treats every instrument moved as if it was his own.

Whether it's a local house-to-house move, or you're moving your
precious instrument to Monaco, we've done it all!  And we're ready to
safely and carefully transport your piano personally across town,
anywhere in Oregon or Southern Washington, or we will do the local
pick-up and coordinate with our team of specialized commercial
piano movers to move your piano nationally or internationally.
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